Hattiesburg Fire Dept. receives life-saving equipment

Hattiesburg Fire Dept. receives life-saving equipment

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Fire Department has received new, life-saving equipment.

WDAM cameras went along with firefighters as they trained on the new battery-operated extrication tools.

“We often have to remove doors. One or two doors is typical on an accident,” Hattiesburg Fire Captain Derek Shaw said.

The department is continuing a proactive approach in an effort to save lives. The new lightweight rescue tools replace the older hydraulic, heavy-duty equipment that takes at least three people to transport.

“Our old equipment is probably close to 200 pounds in weight with a pump and the two units," Shaw said. "Also, the new equipment we have is less than 100 pounds. So the weight advantage with the new equipment is a big plus for us.”

During some emergency situations, Shaw said more than a door has to be removed in order to get victims to safety.

“Occasionally, if we have multiple patients inside and they are trapped, we have to remove a roof as well,” Shaw said.

Not only is the equipment quieter, which allows better communication between firefighters and victims, Shaw said the lighter weight tools prevent the likeliness of injuries to firefighters.

“It takes less manpower to move the equipment," Shaw said. "If we are in a remote area or an area that is hard to get to, it’s much easier to get there with just the two pieces of equipment than it is trying to tote hoses and the heavy power unit that it takes to power the hydraulic tools.”

During this training exercise inside Michael’s, Larry’s, Lil Jackie’s and Body Tech Wrecker Service, firefighters successfully removed doors and the roof of a car within minutes.

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