Suspect in 2011 Perry County murder case awaits trial

Suspect in 2011 Perry County murder case awaits trial

PERRY COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - After nearly a decade of avoiding capture, the Perry County Sheriff’s Office took a murder suspect into custody eight years after the crime.

“Yes ma’am, we head a 74-year-old man that was stabbed inside his residence, stabbed numerous times,” Perry County Sheriff’s Investigator Lee Cannon said.

Fast forward to June 17, 2019, authorities got a tip leading to the arrest of a suspect in the death of Charles Myers, that happened back in May 2011.

Authorities said they found Myers beaten and stabbed.

“At that time, myself and Sheriff Nobles took this case over and we’ve been working on it throughout the year since 2016,” Cannon said.

Perry County authorities with the help of Hattiesburg police, caught Robinson Monday afternoon.

Cannon said the community helped in the arrest as well.

“Throughout the community family members and people in the community we interview were able to get a suspect of William Robinson, which is a relative to the victim,” Cannon said.

Perry County Sheriff Mitch Nobles said the victim’s family needed closure.

“And for us to bring closure to this family for the victim’s family, bring closure for the community of Indian Springs, you know, this is a big deal for Perry County,” Nobles said.

Next, Robinson will go before a judge to be arraigned and then a trial date will be set.

As for the sheriff’s office, there is a list of cold cases waiting to be solved.

“Now I mean, we got other cold cases that we’re working you know, any cases come through the sheriff’s department,” Cannon said. “The sheriff here got an open-door policy; we talk about them and we want to close all the cases we got in Perry County.”

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