Roundabout in the works for traffic prone intersection in Lamar County

Roundabout in the works for traffic prone intersection in Lamar County

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - If you travel through the Oak Grove and Weathersby Road intersection daily, then you’re not a stranger to the backed-up traffic that occurs.

"We've got some major traffic concerns. Traffic backs up throughout the day,” said Lamar County Administrator Jody Waits.

Lamar County is in the works of constructing a roundabout to go in place of the current three-way stop at the intersection.

"The roundabout was the best way to solve the problem, the safest way. If done correctly, with enough lanes for traffic to come through, it’s the best way to keep traffic moving safely and smoothly,” said Waits.

A large part of the funding for this project is coming from the Metropolitan Organization, which is a source of federal funds.

The city of Hattiesburg is also contributing to the project since part of the intersection is in the city limits.

"The board of supervisors of Lamar County and the city of Hattiesburg council and mayor reached a memorandum of understanding in which they would share the cost of right of way acquisition. The city’s contribution is not allow to exceed 301,000,” said Waits.

The county has completed several different studies that are part of the process; the next step is to finalize the design and moving forward with the project.

"Because this is a project involving federal funding, there are quite a few regulations we have to follow in the acquisition process, which slows it down slightly. We certainly want to get it underway within the next several months as far as the acquisition goes,” said Waits.

Construction is expected to begin within the next year.

The total cost for the project is estimated to be around $1 million.

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