Petal United Methodist Church hosts “Joy Jam”

Petal United Methodist Church hosting “Joy Jam”

PETAL, Miss. (WDAM) - At Petal United Methodist Church, members have been without air in the sanctuary for at least two months.

So, Joy Moore took action to put on a " Joy Jam" that lasted from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. It was free to the public and they are accepting any donations.

“I don't really have a goal but just to raise money that we put towards the year,” Moore said. “There's been people come and go, we've had a large donation from a gentleman that saw our article. So, we thank him for that.”

Joy said there has been a great community response so far and she’s appreciative of all the donations, not to mention the support from her fellow church family.

“I know that if I call them a time day or night, that thing would be there for me,” Moore said. “And the same with the rest of the set the membership, you know, anytime there's a need, they just pulled together and do what needs to be done.”

Tony Smith, a member of the church, said when he walked through the doors, the music was soothing to his ears.

“I heard beautiful music;” Smith said. “I hear praises from the piano. Joy is a real blessing to our church, and we really are doing this. We have a purpose. The purpose is to raise money for a heating and cooling system here at the church. It has been out for about two months.”

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