100-year-old Sumrall bank transformed into local shop

100-year-old Sumrall bank transformed into local shop

SUMRALL, Miss. (WDAM) - A Sumrall woman transformed a bank that was over 100 years old into a local shop.

If you live in Sumrall, you’ve probably passed it in the downtown area before. Sitting in the heart of the town is The Bank, Judy’s Flowers and Antiques shop.

The original bank was organized in the 1900s. The building was an eyesore before Judy Russell renovated it and put her creative touch on the place.

Russell said The Bank has a restored vault and many history lessons inside. The building is 2,200 square feet, and everything that came out during renovation went back in. What once was the floors are now the walls in the back.

“It’s what it’s all about in this city,” Russell said. “We love the history and take a building and go back to its original state."

Russell said the renovations weren’t completed alone. Family and the Sumrall community pitched in to make her dream reality.

“I must say that family helped, you know renovate this building,” Russell said. “I was on site every day. But there was a lot of people, even in this city, that helped with the renovation. I restored even the vault and the town loves it because they come in and tour and tell the stories and the memories, and that’s what I love about it."

Whether it’s your wedding day or maybe just a special event, Ms. Judy’s mission is to make every moment special. That’s not only for the people here in Sumrall, but people all over the Pine Belt.

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