Rolling Thunder will ride through Washington DC for the last time Memorial Day weekend

CRYSTAL CITY, VA (WJLA/CNN) - A 32-year-old Memorial Day tradition is coming to an end in the National's Capital this weekend.

Bikers for Rolling Thunder said they are making one last ride to honor the men and women of the military.

The president of Rolling Thunder, Inc. explains money is the issue and they blame the Pentagon.

"The Pentagon. The Pentagon - years ago when we were doing it they didn't charge us a dime when the Treasury Department ran the Pentagon. And then the Department of Defense took it over. And obviously they have to charge, and it gets outrageous and it's not worth the argument," Joe Bean said.

Cliff Bergstresser, a Damascus, MD resident, enlisted in the Air Force in 1979 and is a post-Vietnam retired veteran. He was a crypto tech who was stationed at the Pentagon.

He bought his first motorcycle at 18 and has been riding in rolling thunder for the past 15 years.

"And I'm always thinking about those, some of those vets that gave up their lives. And the fact is that I've had such a wonderful life of having a family, my children and wife, a home and career. And unfortunately, they didn't get those things," Bergstresser said.

The longtime rider hopes it can continue somehow.

"There's people there with their flags. They're waving. And it was like wow this is so cool. The fact that people care," Bergstresser said.

Members hope that local and national chapters of The Rolling Thunder will be able to step up and put together smaller individual rides, even if the event will not be called Rolling Thunder in the future.

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