Family of Hattiesburg shooting victim speaks

Family of Hattiesburg shooting victim speaks

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - A shooter is on the run after a Hattiesburg man was gunned down early Sunday morning on Broadacres Drive.

We learned more about the victim Wednesday as the family of 21-year-old Frederick O’Neal Paige Jr. continues searching for answers as their loved one’s killer has still not been captured.

“Why did you kill my baby? Why did you kill him?” said Eddie Adams, Paige Jr.'s grandmother.

The family is heartbroken and their souls shattered after Paige Jr. was gunned down in Hattiesburg.

“He was just a good, innocent kid who was standing out there talking and somebody came and killed my baby and shot him down,” Adams said.

Adams, who Paige Jr. called his Nana, and his father, Frederick Paige Sr., looked back at pictures of Paige Jr. throughout his 21 years, talking about his love for cars and racing.

“Any kind of good pipes on a car, a motorcycle, that would always get his attention," Paige Sr. said. “That’s what he was always in to.”

Paige Sr. said he never imagined receiving a call that would forever put a hole in his heart.

“When I got the call I knew it was bad," Paige Sr. said. "I just felt it. Him and his crew were passing by and saw people coming out of the nightclub. They wanted to line up and see their cars. His friend was standing there with him and he just fell.”

“He wasn’t in the club parking lot, he was on the street," Adams said. "He was standing out on the street. His car was parked at a light pole.”

Family members said Paige Jr. was shot in the arm. The bullet traveled through his arm into his chest, hitting vital organs.

“My scooter bug. I am going to miss him," Adams said. "I look for him. I go in his room and I look for him. He should still be there.”

Paige Jr., who has three younger sisters, graduated from Hattiesburg High in 2015. He was set to start truck driving school in the coming days.

“Do they know what they took? Do they know this boy was loved? Do they know this?” Adams said.

Hattiesburg police said no arrests have been made at this time.

If you have any information that can help in this homicide investigation, you are encouraged to call the Hattiesburg Police Department or Crime Stoppers.

Paige Jr. will be laid to rest Saturday at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Hattiesburg.

Services will begin at noon, led by Legacy Memorial.

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