Retirees landing in Hattiesburg

Retirees landing in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - New information from the Area Development Partnership reveals there is a slight increase in the population of retirees living in the Hub City this year. In prior years, Hattiesburg has received several accolades naming it a destination spot for retirees.

“Last year Mississippi ranked fourth for tax friendliest state in the nation. What that does for the state and greater Hattiesburg is positions us to be a retirement destination,” said Valencia Williams, executive vice president of the Area Development Partnership.

There are currently 14 retirement communities in the state of Mississippi, including Hattiesburg, according to the state.

“We are not only just a tax friendly state, but we have great housing," Williamson said. "Again, the low cost of living is something that really attracts retirees to our community.”

Williamson said more than 37,000 retirees ages 55 and older live in Hattiesburg. Since last year, she said the city has seen a slight uptick in the numbers.

“Individuals 55 and older made up 24% of the population in 2018," Williamson said. “We’ve seen a 1% increase in that number. So, this year 25% of our population is made up of individuals who are 55 and older. What that says is people are choosing Hattiesburg as their home at 55 and older.”

Several factors are backing the percentage gain.

“This is due to great quality of life, low cost of living," Williamson said. "We are a healthcare hub. That’s something that people in retirement age are looking for. So Hattiesburg is a great place for them to come live and stay. Beyond the low cost of living, it’s just a beautiful place to be a part of.”

ADP expects growth to continue, with more than 40,000 retirees by the year 2023.

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