Waynesboro residents speak out against crime increase

Waynesboro residents speaks out against crime increase
Updated: May. 6, 2019 at 8:05 PM CDT
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WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - A recent increase in crime within the city of Waynesboro has residents saying enough is enough.

“This was a really good town and it’s still a good town,” said longtime resident Alice Lacey. “It’s just that things have gotten out of control lately.”

Recent shootings in Waynesboro have some residents on edge. One person, who requested to stay anonymous, said while he’s still proud of his community, he thinks twice before heading out the house.

“You think twice about it now after dark leaving your residence because it seems like these crimes are just at random for no particular reason,” the resident said. “It’s sad. It’s a sad day for our town.”

One person said the increase in crime is giving Waynesboro a bad name.

“I feel like it’s not safe but it should stop because all of this really is not called for,” said Symone Black.

Police said gang activity has flooded the city resulting in the death of two men in less than two weeks.

“They weren’t bad guys,” said Lacey. “I knew them. They were not bad guys. Just caught up in situations and in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Several people we spoke with who wished to not be on camera said while they’re saddened by the recent events, it doesn’t change their view of their city.

“People try to talk down on Waynesboro about certain stuff that happens but stuff happens everywhere,” said Black. “People try to talk in Wayne County about different stuff that happens in different cities. It happens everywhere. You got to understand, like, up North. There’s stuff worse than this up North.”

One thing everyone we talked to did agree on is that something needs to change.

“...Our kids,” said Lacey. “This is their future we’re talking about. They are our future for tomorrow and if we don’t get a handle on this violence then we won’t have a future.”

Police still encourage anyone with new information regarding any of the shootings to come forward.

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