PINK UP: Nurses fight together against breast cancer

PINK UP: Nurses fight together against breast cancer

WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - One nurse at Wayne General Hospital uses her battle with breast cancer to encourage not only patients but her coworkers, as well.

Diane Franks said she’s been a nurse for 39 years, but in September of 2002, her life changed when a lump was found during a routine mammogram.

“That really had me with all kinds of emotions because as a caregiver it’s hard to get on that opposite end and be the receiver,” said Franks.

Franks said she received treatment every three weeks including surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy. However, she said while it was hard to cope, she never lost hope.

“It never gets personal until it’s you,” said Franks. “So, when it attacked me then I came out fighting.”

She said support from family, friends, and her coworkers kept her going.

“There have been many other people that had cancer before I did and they all gave me pointers and told me the things that I should do to keep from getting sick, from getting depressed and getting down,” said Franks.

Seventeen years later and now cancer-free, Franks is still fighting not just for herself but for others.

She said throughout it all, she never stopped working.

“I am here,” said Franks. “I try to motivate. I try to encourage and I try to talk to people daily just on different things that their body will go through.”

Lena, another nurse at Wayne General, said she was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2018 and people like Franks helped her get through it.

“When I first got diagnosed, she talked to me,” said Lena. “Another lady that works here, she talked to me that has breast cancer.”

Both nurses said the bond they’ve built with their fellow nurses has helped motivate them to continue their fight.

“I thank God for each and everyone and for each and every day that I have on this side,” said Franks. “Breast cancer, you didn’t get me I kicked you back.”

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