BEWARE: Biloxi officer’s death brings out scammers

BEWARE: Biloxi officer’s death brings out scammers

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Sunday night’s murder of Biloxi Police Officer Robert McKeithen is already bringing out scammers looking to take taking advantage of a tragedy.

Investigators with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department say there are already people calling coast residents to collect donations for their “Benevolent Police Association.” But no such legitimate organization is collecting donations at this time. Do not give them your money or your personal information.

Biloxi Police say the only official donation account set up for Officer McKeithen is through Southern Coastal Credit Union. To donate, you may call the credit union at (228) 432-0284, or go by their office at 1042 E Howard Ave. Biloxi, MS.

But Biloxi Police want to reiterate that they are not soliciting donations by phone.

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