Renovation of Covington County Hospital at halfway point

Renovation of Covington County Hospital at halfway point
A new lab recently opened at Covington County Hospital as part of Phase One of a renovation project. (Photo source: WDAM) (Source: WDAM)

COLLINS, MS (WDAM) - A $2 million renovation of the Covington County Hospital has reached the halfway point.

Phase one of a master facility plan that started last fall is about 50 percent complete.

So far, a lab has been built.

Work is also being done on a new respiratory department, new restrooms and a new roof.

The project should be finished in 60-90 days.

Covington County Hospital was built in 1951.

“You have to have a plan that lasts a decade-long to replace certain parts,” said Gregg Gibbes, administrator and CEO of Covington County Hospital. “Money is tight, but you’ve got to constantly be (working to upkeep) a 60, 70-year-old facility.”

A second phase of work could include renovations to a 10-bed, in-patient geriatric psychiatric unit and other departments.

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