Waynesboro mother speaks out after son’s death

Updated: Apr. 30, 2019 at 9:56 PM CDT
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WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - A Waynesboro mother said she’s tired of the violence in her city after her son was killed in a shooting.

DreCharles Henry, 22, was shot and killed April 26. Waynesboro Police Chief Holt Ross said the shooting, as well as several other recent shootings, was gang-related.

The victim’s mother, Zanetia Henry, said her son was a man who loved to make people happy and loved his mother.

“Our relationship was amazing,” said Henry. “He knew whenever he needed his mama, his mama was coming and she was coming running. Whatever the situation was, whatever happened, he would always call and all he had to say was ‘Ma.'”

Henry said she won’t let her son’s death be in vain.

“We’re not embracing anything that anybody is saying because I knew my son,” said Henry. “To embrace it means that I might put a little thought into that may bring my son back because whether it was or whether it wasn’t, it’s not going to bring my baby back. Whether it was or wasn’t, he’s not coming back through my door again.”

Henry said her faith is what’s keeping her moving forward.

“It’s unbearable at moments, but God is my strength,” said Henry. “He’s at peace and this I know. I don’t care what kind of life or what people thought or see or whatever. I know my baby is alright.”

She said the family’s only focus is loving each other and moving forward.

“It feels like a dagger in my heart,” said Henry. “I have moments where I cannot believe that my son will not track dirt through my house again. That my son will not come jump in the shower and leave the shower dirty. I can’t believe that I won’t get a text that says ‘Ma.’”

Waynesboro police said there have been no arrests in DreCharles Henry’s death, but Zanetia Henry said she will continue to seek justice for her son.

“Justice will be served," said Henry. “Whether it’s served by the justice system or not, it’ll be served because God is in control and he will cause the person or the people that are responsible for my son’s death. He’ll make sure that justice is served.”

Henry said she’s aware that other families in the community are also suffering after losing loved ones to the recent shootings, and she said she wants them to know one thing.

“If you don’t have a relationship with the Father, get a relationship,” said Henry. “I encourage you to do that because if it were not for my relationship with Him, they would have left me at the hospital Friday night with my son. But because of the God that I serve and because of the God that is in me, I am able to move on. I’m able to lay my son to rest without me collapsing.”

She said it’s time for people in the community to come together to end the violence in their city.

“We got to get out here and love these babies,” said Henry. “Love them back to where they’re suppose to be, and I want to encourage everybody to just do that. Let’s come together. Let’s stop sitting in different places. Let’s come together, let’s make a difference, let’s stop talking and let’s move.”

If you have any information regarding DreCharles Henry’s death or any of the shootings, the Waynesboro Police Department encourages you to contact the department at 601-735-3192.

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