Baxterville community working on new baseball field

Baxterville community working on new baseball field

BAXTERVILLE, MS (WDAM) - Lamar County is constructing a baseball field for the Baxterville community.

"Everyone in the Baxterville community will benefit,” said Heath Sellers, Parks and Rec Director for Lamar County.

The field will be used by the Baxterville Junior High School baseball team along with the recreational teams in the community. Seller said this field is very much needed.

“Baxterville school, which is the Junior High portion of it, does not have a baseball field per se,” Sellers said. “They have been using the county field, which is not quite big enough or set up for their baseball. The county took the initiative to help them out.”

Construction on the facility began a little over a year ago, but the weather has made finishing the project difficult. Sellers said there is still a lot that needs to be done.

“We were hoping to have it finished for ball season this year,” Sellers said. “The weather has put a damper on that. This past winter was so wet that it’s put us behind schedule.”

Sellers said this field will be an asset to the entire community

“Right now, they have one field to play on with the rec league,” Sellers said. “You’ve got the girls softball from the schools playing on it. The boy’s baseball trying to play on one field and rec playing on one field. With this additional it’s going to help them tremendously by giving them more places to play and getting more kids involved in recreation ball.”

The field is expected to be finished by the end of the summer.

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