New Augusta struggles without grocery store

The area has been without a grocery store for years.

New Augusta struggles without grocery store

NEW AUGUSTA, MS (WDAM) - One woman in New Augusta lives grocery list to grocery list stressed. Pearlie Bolton explained that she depends on family members to take her grocery shopping because there is no grocery store in New Augusta.

“So hard on us, you know somebody somewhere please get us a grocery store here in New Augusta,” said Pearlie.

Going to get groceries is supposed to be simple, make a list, get in the car and go to a nearby store. But Ms. Pearlie Bolton said it different for her neighbors.

“People just devastated with the fact that we don’t have a grocery store that close,” said Pearlie.

WDAM reached out to the mayor of New Augusta, Joe Gallaspy and he said that he and his team have made phone calls to several stores and written twenty letters asking businesses to bring stores to the area, they still haven’t received a response.

“To everybody from Walmart or anybody who’s in the grocery business,” said Mayor Gallaspy.

“As a general rule, most people go to Hattiesburg, some go to petal, some go to Richton and some go to Beaumont.”

But even shelves to some of the places around town are not enough for roughly the thousands of residents living in the area.

“The dollar store somewhat fills in, but they have a very limited, they have like four or five, mostly frozen food,” said Mayor Gallaspy.

The mayor hopes that someone will come forth to build a grocery store in the area soon and plans to keep writing letters and reaching out to businesses.

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