Hustle University steps in to help low performing school

Students are being encouraged to stay on top of their grades in class.

Hustle University steps in to help low performing school

PERRY COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Perry County School District is struggling when it comes to performance in the classroom.

According to the Mississippi Department of Education, the Perry County School District was graded as a letter "D" school district. Down a grade is Perry Central Middle School, which was graded with an “F.” Those grades were posted for the 2017-2018 Mississippi Succeeds Report Card.

Hustle University is an organization focused on entrepreneurship, education and personal development. Their team is traveling all over the United States to help motivate students and individuals in several areas of their life. The empowerment team stopped for the second time in the Perry County School District at Perry Central Middle School.

Nicholas “Redd” Scott Sr., a Hustle University employee and student engagement specialist, said that students shouldn’t shoot for average.

“Do your best on those tests and make sure that they don’t go for it. A three which is like good, I want them to go for five, which is the highest that they can get,” said Scott.

Throughout the day students were encouraged to dance, yell motivational chants and lift up one another.

Founder and president of Hustle University, Hotep, is the author of several popular empowerment books, including The Hustler’s 10 Commandments. He is also the creator of the revolutionary Outcome Progression Model, which he has used to improve performance, personal and financial outcomes for over 10,000 individuals and organizations across the world.

“They asked us to help deal with some of the disparities they’re having here in the district and somebody’s performance in the test scores,” said Hotep.

Perry Central Middle hopes that the motivation from Hustle University can spark creativity for each student. The administration said that the gaps in student performance are not about the student's ability to learn, but the proof that motivation is needed.

“This has nothing to do with mental ability. This has nothing to do with education levels. It has everything to do with effort,” said Hotep.

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