Hattiesburg voters share opinions on 1% tax hotel and restaurant tax increase

Hattiesburg voters share opinions on 1% tax hotel and restaurant tax increase

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg voters will cast their ballots Tuesday on a 1 percent hotel and restaurant tax increase.

The purpose of this proposed tax increase is to bring in revenue for the city’s Parks and Recreation department and fund renovations to the Reed Green Coliseum on the Hattiesburg campus of the University of Southern Mississippi.

Voters we talked with say the tax raise will be beneficial to the many different projects it’s going to help.

"It could be their grand kids. If you’re a retiree like myself, it could be your grand kids or stuff like that that will get the benefits of these parks being redone and kept up more so than they are now,” said Hattiesburg voter Scott Smith.

"It is critical that we think outside of the box. One of the ways that we are thinking out side of the box is the one percent tax increase. It not only helps our city, but it helps the growth of our city,” said Hattiesburg voter and USM woman’s basketball coach Joye-Lee McNelis.

This 1 percent investment will help fund several projects throughout the city. One of the big projects will be to help the Miracle League build an inclusion field at Tatum Park.

"The Miracle League is a program for special needs adults and children to be able to play the great game of baseball. This new project that we are hoping to have, will be a project that all kids from all around the greater Hattiesburg area will be able to participate in,” said Miracle League President Freddie Triplett.

The vote must by passed by 60 percent of those voting on Tuesday.

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