Evolution of Technology in Schools Benefit Educational Experience

Evolution of Technology in Schools Benefit Educational Experience

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Students throughout the Pine belt are getting an early jump on working with technology and making it work for them.

Today’s classrooms are filled with unconventional ideas and tools that change students learning experience.

A STEM teacher at Petal Elementary said kids there are excited every day to learn about more than what’s in the textbook.

He teaches students everything from robotics to engineering. And students connect their access to technology with their fundamental textbook knowledge.

“You’re using angles, you’re using degrees. They go back and tell their teacher, “We want to know more about that because we did this in STEM.” So, it works out all the way around for the whole entire student,” said Delrick Dantzler a STEM teacher at Petal Elementary.

“A student can get on a chrome book I can pull it up on my big board and we’re they’re there within seconds because they know how to do it because we start out at an early age,” said Nikki Hubbard, a fourth grade teacher at Petal Elementary.

The advancement in classroom technology enables educators to focus on meeting students where they are and making progress while spending less time doing it.

“One of the beautiful things with technology you can get instant response a lot of times. So, through some of the applications that we have, teachers are immediately able to get an instant response to see if the students are mastering a particular skill or content they’re trying to cover at that time,” said Dr. Matt Dillon, Petal School District’s Superintendent.

James Brownlow, a teacher at Hattiesburg High, said he often watches students take practice exams in real time by monitoring their responses on his computer. And he’s able to pull a report instantly as they complete assignments and address those areas that need work.

“From the report if they got that question right no harm no foul but if they got it wrong then I can go through immediately and give them immediate feedback," Brownlow said. "Why did you say this? Well this is the answer, and this is the reason your answer is wrong. We can address it with immediate feedback what the answers are on that test.”

The new classroom setting emerging in schools today are designed so every child has an opportunity to succeed after graduation.

“When we were growing up we didn’t have all of that," said Hubbard. "We didn’t have sit down at a table and build electricity. We were told to do that. We had knowledge of it but we didn’t have hands on knowledge. This kids right now can build a circuit and make a light bulb work.”

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