Movement is medicine

Movement is medicine

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - These days there is a pill for everything, but sometimes getting back to the basics does the most good. A Hattiesburg man who suffered from arthritis said it wasn’t a prescription that gave him his mobility back, it was getting back to movement and exercise.

William Youngblood said before his 79th birthday, he noticed he couldn’t walk without a limp.

“Well, it started with pain in my right hip,” Youngblood said.

Youngblood said his doctor diagnosed him with moderate arthritis. He said his first treatment from his doctor was a steroid shot, but he said it was his doctor’s second recommendation that has been making the difference for the past month.

“And [he] sent me over to see Kim who is a physical therapist,” Youngblood said.

Kim Schramm is a physical therapist with Hattiesburg Clinic at Bellevue. Schramm has been helping Youngblood reclaim his mobility through exercises. She explained what arthritis is and what it can do to the body.

“Arthritis technically is inflammation of the joint, but that can mean anything from degeneration of the joint, swelling, abnormal muscle , you know, imbalance so that it causes an abnormal ability to move correctly,” Schramm said.

Twice a week, Schramm helps Youngblood through exercises that focus on strengthening not only his hip, but his legs and core. She explained a few of the exercises.

“Just a simple exercise of putting the ball between the knees and then have him squeeze and relax," Schramm said. "He’s going to do his marches and this helps to work the core. This is a stretch that he does to help with his hip and his hamstrings.”

Youngblood said he feels so good he thinks he is ready to be discharged from therapy.

“I’m not limping, I’m not having pain, I’m not having any symptoms,” he said.

Youngblood said he encourages folks to, of course listen to their doctor, but if physical therapy is ever recommended as treatment he said he is proof that it works.

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