More than 250 households affected by water problems in Perry County

More than 250 households affected by water problems in Perry County

PERRY COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - More than 200 households are experiencing water problems in Perry County.

Jessica Bowman takes a look at what's happening and what's next for the Arlington Water Association customers.

“Yeah, it has been bad, it’s been bad for years. We’ve had dirty water, brown water and muddy water,” said Arlington resident James Moye.

About 250 households in the Arlington Community access water from the Arlington Water Association. Right now, those customers are under a precautionary boil-water alert. WDAM cameras caught up with Moye, who has lived in the community for nearly 40 years. He said he’s not shocked to learn about the boil water notice.

“Sometimes it would be like that a whole week, sometimes it would be like that a whole month,” Moye said.

Arlington Water Association Board President Allen Lott did not go on camera about the concerns, but he did say the system was installed back in 1977 and continues to have problems. Most recently, a system wide pressure loss due to booster pumps going out.

Moye said this is one of the reasons he was forced to take action more than 10 years ago.

“I got tired of it messing up my clothes and I went in and put me a deep well down," Moye said. "My water is clear now and everything is right because I have a deep well pump.”

Lott said right now the association is waiting on three replacement pumps to be delivered from California and Georgia. He said there is no word on when those replacement parts will arrive.

“I got tired of it and fed up with paying a high price," Moye said. "Paying one hundred and something dollars a month for water and couldn’t use it. I couldn’t bathe in it and couldn’t wash clothes in it.”

The Mississippi Department of Health said it’s important for customers in that area to boil water before use, flush faucets and avoid drinking tap water.

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