MDOT spreads awareness for work zone safety

MDOT spreads awareness for work zone safety

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Mississippi Department of Transportation is spreading the word about work zone safety, and the folks who can make the biggest difference are drivers.

MDOT Commissioner Tom King spoke with WDAM about how drivers can assist in creating a safe working environment for more than 2,000 of their employees every day.

“We’re trying to bring attention and are bringing attention to the awareness of our construction zones and work zones, our people that are working these work zones,” said King.

King said first, don’t ever be too distracted and miss road signs. They’re important.

“We’re asking people to please look at signs and obey signs, read the signs and please do not be distracted by cell phones or any other thing that would be a distraction,” King said.

He added that your speed can play a role in making road work safe for workers as well.

“It’s very important to obey the speed limit and check your speed in these work zones," King said. “We have many workers, not only MDOT people, but contractors’ employees that are working and helping us with these roads and bridges.”

And be aware that those workers have loved ones they want to make it home safely to every day after work.

“Those workers are somebody’s husband, wife, son or daughter, mom or dad, and they need safety, and we’re asking people to please be careful,” King said.

King said that 45 people have been killed since 1951 because drivers were either distracted or going to fast in work zones.

“I know last year we had 13 people injured, not killed but injured, and that’s just too many,” said King.

MDOT said they are looking for ways to eliminate as many worker injuries or deaths possible on Mississippi road ways.

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