Hattiesburg school district works to clean trash filled woods

Hattiesburg school district works to clean trash filled woods

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Public School District and the City of Hattiesburg are working to keep a wooded area clean after images of trash near a Hub city school circulated online.

Pile of trash were discovered in the woods next to N.R. Burger Middle School.

“The trash was brought to my attention this past weekend,” said Superintendent Dr. Robert Williams.

Lunch Trays, bottles and cups filled the area. Williams said with the woods being so dense, no one noticed the mess until recently.

“We know no district employees are taking the trash there,” said Williams. “Both of our cafeteria and custodial workers take the trash to the dumpster that is next to the school.”

He said they have cameras surrounding the school, just not in that area and, unfortunately, they’ve faced this problem before.

“As a former principal, I do know there was an issue in the past with trash being in that area,” said Williams. “We actually cleaned it up once before, but, we did not know that it had accumulated back up.”

Williams said they plan on putting additional fencing around the dumpster to keep this from happening again.

“We’re definitely going to work to make sure that we have a clean, safe campus,” said Williams. “Not just a clean, safe campus, but a clean, safe environment for all of our campuses.”

Williams said the district pays commercial vendors to remove trash from the cafeteria daily.

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