George Price speaks at Lauren Rogers Museum

George Price speaks at Lauren Rodgers Museum

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The Lauren Rogers Museum has a special exhibit dedicated to Laurel native and opera singer Leontyne Price.

"Our exhibition of Leontyne and her role in Aida has been on view here at the museum for the last several months,” explained George Bassi, museum director.

The museum invited Price’s brother Brig. Gen. George Price to visit the exhibit as well as speak on what it was like growing up in Laurel.

“It is a high tribute for her to achieve this accolade,” said George. "I’m coming in to express the family’s thanks and gratitude to the people of Laurel.”

Price talked to the crowd about how important it is to be proud of where you come from.

“When you say you’re from Mississippi, they think you came out of a cage or out of a hole or something, I don’t know,” George said. "It’s been a challenge to go out and try to explain our state and our hometown to the world. We will not deny them in favor of what is politically and socially correct.”

Price mentioned it’s an honor to have his sister honored in their hometown.

“It’s always a great feeling,” said George. "That’s where it started, and this just proves the people support you and they did not have a bad investment.”

The exhibit will be at the museum until April 28.

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