Plans for new Hub City fire station underway

Plans for new Hub City fire station underway

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg city officials are in the process of bringing a new fire station to the city.

Ann Jones, the city’s chief administrative officer, said officials are looking for the best location to break ground.

Right now, they are working with a consultant to begin the design and construction specifications for Hattiesburg’s ninth fire station.

“The ideal location would serve the north Highway 49 location, our area,” said Jones.

Scouts for the city are looking for about an acre and a half to two acres to begin construction.

“The funding mechanism for that will likely be by way of a five-year note and yes, that will come from tax revenues,” Jones said.

Although taxpayer dollars will be a major portion of funding for the project initially, it will benefit Hattiesburg residents and businesses overall.

“The major motivations for the construction of fire station number 9 is to help lower our fire insurance ratings for our citizens and businesses,” said Jones.

Jones said the city is making strides toward breaking ground and the construction of the new fire station could be complete within the next two years.

“We hope to be under construction by year end and construction of a facility of this nature will typically take between 12 and 18 months,” Jones said.

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