Steve Knight reflects on Carey’s historic season

Steve Knight reflects on Carey's historic season

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - In 37 years of coaching William Carey basketball, coach Steve Knight and the Crusaders have appeared in 13 NAIA national tournaments.

As Knight looks back on Carey’s first “Fab Four” berth in 2019, he thinks about what made this team different than the 36 others he has coached.

"You know I've said as a coach, I've gone out [to Kansas City, Missouri] wired up before,” Knight said. “I sat down and I prayed before this tournament. I told God, ‘I've messed it up for a long time, this one's in your hands. I had a peace and calm about me that I haven't had out there before and I think the players kind of picked up on that too. We were blessed, no doubt. We felt God's presence the whole trip."

To be able to get on a run in postseason play and have an opportunity to make it to the final four and have a chance to win a national championship, that’s what you practice for and coach for and play for the whole season. We were right there and we’re ready to do it again."

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