Mississippi House and Senate pass $1,500 teacher pay raise

Mississippi House and Senate pass $1,500 teacher pay raise
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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The Mississippi House and Senate have passed a $1,500 pay raise for teachers.

The pay raise passed in the Senate by a vote of 46-2 and in the House 88-27.

Leaders in the Mississippi Legislature have agreed to give teachers a $1,500 pay raise in the budget year beginning July 1.

House and Senate negotiators filed a conference report late Wednesday to Senate Bill 2770 agreeing to the pay raise.

The measure will be rolled into regular paychecks and continue in future years.

Education chair Rep. Bennett encourages local school districts to increase teacher supplements. He notes that some districts are doing so but others are not and says he would like to keep trying to boost pay raise in future years.

A $1,500 pay raise will cost the state budget more than $75 million according to figures previously provided. Lawmakers could increase spending of state revenue next year by $200 million this year’s original budget.

The bill now heads to Governor Bryant for a signature.

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