Lamar County School District puts on career fair

Lamar County School District puts on career fair

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Lamar County School District put on its second career fair of 2019 Thursday.

"The one we had a couple months ago was where you could sit down for a quick 10-minute interview with our principals. That went incredibly well. This one is a little more laid back,” said Tess Smith, Lamar County Superintendent.

All schools from the district had booths set up with information about jobs they are hoping to fill. Potential employees were able to chat with administrators.

Lumberton High school principal, Bryan Giles said these career fairs provide opportunities to not only those looking for jobs, but also the schools.

"For us it's a great opportunity because some people that may not know or how haven’t learned about Lumberton, it opens up doors for us, since maybe they didn't know we were here even though we're only 30 miles from Hattiesburg. Some folks don't know where Lumberton is or much about Lumberton,” explained Giles.

There was also a booth set up for bus drivers; a job the district needs to fill.

"They are the first person some of our children see in the mornings and the last person they see at the end of the day. They can have a lot of impact on our children. We need more. We always need bus drivers,” said Smith.

Lamar Co. School District Superintendent, Tess Smith, said these career fairs are a good way for the schools to get to know hires before having a formal interview.

"Anybody can apply for a job. It’s that piece of paper and we have to kind of dig in and try to figure out, okay, is this a good fit for us. The interview helps with that., but I think this kind of takes some of that away. You can visit with the person, match personalities and that type of thing. You get to know them,” mentioned Smith.

If you would like to apply for a job with the Lamar County School District, you can do so on it’s website here.

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