7 On the Road: First-Trinity Presbyterian Church

Updated: Mar. 21, 2019 at 6:52 PM CDT
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LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - First-Trinity Presbyterian Church in Laurel was created in 1992 when First Presbyterian merged with its sister church, Trinity Presbyterian.

"It has a long history,” said the Rev. Luke Ponder.

The church itself is full of history, especially in its 13th century Gothic style architecture.

"Legend is, that Lauren Rogers, his father was grouse hunting in Scotland and saw a cathedral in the distance. Lauren Rodgers’ roommate was an architect at Princeton University. They sent him to Europe to study the churches there and he came up with this design,” explained Ponder.

The stained-glass windows that decorate the church each have their own story.

"The detail they put into this building is remarkable. Every stain glass window has an icon of a saint or an Old Testament prophet or the gospels or some representation. There are some panes of glass added to these windows that soldiers brought back from WWI from Europe,” said Ponder.

Even the church pews represent a little bit of the past.

"The pew ends don’t match. That was done purposely, because it hearkens back to the old days when the community would build a sanctuary, but if you wanted to sit, you had to bring your own pew in and sit as a family. So, they did not match in the early churches,” said Ponder.

Ponder says that although the church may be on the traditional side, it is very welcoming.

"Instead of being staunch, the church is very welcoming, especially to children. They read in church, they sing in church, this is their church. They’ll tell you, it’s not our family church, it’s my church. They belong and that’s always a wonderful feeling. They feel that this is the place that they belong,” said Ponder.

If you would like to take your own tour of the church, you can set it up by calling the church office.

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