Hattiesburg plastic surgeon explains cancer link to breast implants

Hattiesburg plastic surgeon explains cancer link to breast implants

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - If you pay attention you can be bombarded with the latest health trends and headlines. The latest from the U.S Food and Drug Administration is a warning about a rare cancer linked to breast implants.

Dr. Paul Talbot, a plastic surgeon of the Plastic Surgery Center in Hattiesburg, said he has gotten some questions from concerned patients about this finding from the FDA stating there is an increase in the number of patients diagnosed with a cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma after receiving breast implants.

“Most of this data comes from Europe," Talbot said. “We really aren’t seeing that number of cases here. Worldwide there is less than 500 cases, U.S.-wide there are less than 30 cases.”

Talbot said this cancer isn’t breast cancer. He said it’s tied to a particular implant.

“A textured implant, which is something we don’t use that much here in Hattiesburg or the United States. We use mostly smooth implants,” Talbot said.

He said no one knows the cause, just that there is an association with this lymphoma and textured implants.

“There is no true link yet, people are looking at it to make sure there’s not," Talbot said. "But they think it has to do with irritation or rubbing of the implant possibly.”

Talbot said here’s what to look for if you are worried.

“The cancer will show up as a water or fluid collection around the implant 10 to 15 years later is when it starts," Talbot said. “So, anybody who has an implant that gets suddenly a seroma or a fluid collection should have that fluid drained off and sent off to make sure there’s no cancer cells in it.”

Talbot said the center hasn’t seen any of the implant linked lymphoma cases the FDA warns of. He said he is trying to take the fear away and give patients the right information.

“We have a plan if someone is concerned or if someone suddenly thinks something’s changed. There is a plan of action just to make sure we are all good,” Talbot said.

If you want to know more about this finding or the difference in textured and smooth implants, Talbot said you can call the Plastic Surgery Center at 601-296-3405 or come by and see them.

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