GOOD NEWS: Oak Grove 5th grader becomes “American Champion of USA Powerlifting”

GOOD NEWS: Oak Grove 5th grader becomes “American Champion of USA Powerlifting”

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A 5th grader at Oak Grove Elementary School headed to Lafayette, Louisiana to compete in powerlifting. The small guy packing a lot of power broke two records in his weight class.

Max Lyons is now the American Champion of USA powerlifting in his weight class.

“I’ve been working out two days a week,” Lyons said. “I just come in here and do squats, bench and deadlift and do all the fundamentals.”

Lyons weighs 70 pounds. Even though he’s small in stature, Lyons is the holder of the American record for bench and deadlift. He benches his weight and 166 in the deadlift.

“Doing this has really helped me do good at other sports. You can never be too strong,” Lyons said.

“To win a national championship is very impressive. It’s certainly not something that everyone will ever do,” said Stephen Wilson, a trainer at Revolution Fitness.

“Most of the time, you’re just competing against yourself,” Lyons said.

Powerlifting not only makes him stronger, but also lifting gives him the fundamentals of life.

“It kind of helps you just want to be better at something. You feel like you’ve achieved something,” Lyons said.

Though others might be bigger, it’s all about the size of your determination and hustle.

“It’s kind of intimidating, but you see some guys in here doing 200 pounds. They’re 20 years older than me,” Lyons said.

“Everybody can do more than they think they can,” Wilson said.

“It kind of surprised me it was my first actual meet besides here at the gym,” Lyons said.

Lyons said he plans to go for more and more records. Follow his progress on Instagram at @08_madmax.

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