Columbia PD offers free Get Home Safe seminar for women

Columbia PD offers free Get Home Safe seminar for women

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Some officers from the Columbia police department offered a self-defense class to dozens of women at Jefferson Middle School in Columbia.

Chris Bush, the lead instructor told WDAM that he was glad to have the opportunity to equip women of all ages with techniques to defend themselves from potential assaults.

“Anytime you can better yourself and further yourself when it comes to protecting yourself it’s priceless," said Chris Bush, the lead instructor. "It’s an advantage you have or anybody else anytime you can get information like that.”

An Ole Miss student home for the break took advantage of the training session because she said while at school, some of those self-defense techniques could come in handy.

“There are quite a few occasions where I won’t leave school until around 11 or 12 at night studying and so when I walk from my building to the parking lot it’s usually just me," said Kelle Thigpen, an Ole Miss student. "I don’t like to call a friend or anything because I feel pretty confident, but this training has made me feel more able to protect myself when I go to my car.”

Students from Columbia came with family members and they said the session was helpful for them as well.

“As a young woman it’s good to know with older guys it’s good for women to know how to protect themselves if it comes down to it,” said Nadia Mcleod, an East Marion High School student.

“If they know the rudimentary stuff on it, they will be able to be able to get out of the situation and be on their way to get help,” said Susanna Sharrock, a student who participated.

Bush said with everything going on that often affects women safety like domestic violence and the threat of human trafficking, he wanted to offer the women who attended lifelong tools.

“I’d like for them to walk away with the knowledge of being aware of their surroundings, having some type of knowledge of how to defend themselves in a situation where they could be attacked,” Bush said.

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