Experts help you “spring” into healthy lifestyle

Perry County General Hospital celebrates National Nutrition Month 

Experts help you “spring” into healthy lifestyle

PERRY COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes March as National Nutrition Month, which makes it the perfect time to learn simple ways to help your family eat healthier.

Perry County General Hospital experts are helping you “spring” into the new season with tools and resources for a healthy lifestyle. Chrystal Maleckas, a registered dietitian at Perry County General Hospital, said that good nutrition is all about having a well-rounded diet.

"Definitely choosing a lot of fruits and vegetables. I know we've all heard that many, many times in our life," said Maleckas.

It can sometimes feel as if we're bombarded with information about eating healthy. For example, when your parents tell you to eat your vegetables.

"Finding those that you love to incorporate in your everyday life, then you won't have a need for a cheat day at all," said Maleckas.

Perry County General Hospital offers a wellness and prevention program that encourages people to stay on top of their health, according to Wendy Edwards.

“Wellness visits, it is relatively new. So getting the word out is one of the things that we’ve had to conquer over the last few months,” said Edwards.

If you plan to visit your local doctor, Perry County General Hopspital said that data is collected and you are screened for several diseases.

“We do lots of screenings, we screen for diabetes, we screened for heart disease,” said Edwards.

“We really want patients to take those simple tips that we can offer them, just incorporate in their everyday life,” said Maleckas.

Perry County General Hospital hopes to improve the lives of patients in the area with accessible information to manage chronic conditions.

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