Hattiesburg sculpture inspired by thunderclouds

Hattiesburg sculpture inspired by thunderclouds
"Cumulon," a sculpture by USM graduate Phil Proctor, is transported to the See Spot Run Dog Park in Hattiesburg Tuesday. (Source: WDAM)

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A sculpture inspired by thunderclouds has been installed at a Hattiesburg dog park as part of an annual public art show in the Hub City.

An aluminum and stainless steel piece by University of Southern Mississippi graduate Phil Proctor is called, “Cumulon."

It is at the See Spot Run dog park on West Pine Street.

It will be there for one year as part of an eight-piece, city-wide exhibit, sponsored by the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art.

“We advertised this show nationally and we got over 80 submissions, so it was hard to turn down 90 percent of them, but we’re really excited with the ones that our judges selected,” said Becky Montague, president and founder of HAPA.

“This sculpture was inspired by a cumulonimbus thundercloud as I was traveling on an aircraft,” said Proctor, who now lives in Atlanta. “I could see a bunch of thunderstorms on the horizon and I just got really inspired to turn that into some art.”

“There’s a lighting effect inside the piece that represents different lightning patterns.”

The effect is solar-powered and computer-controlled.

One other piece of sculpture has already been placed at Town Square Park.

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