Foxworth Volunteer Fire Department highlights improvements

Foxworth Volunteer Fire Department highlights improvements

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Assistant Fire Chief Stephen Foxworth has spent the past 50 years with the Foxworth Volunteer Fire Department. He said since beginning his career as a firefighter, there have been plenty of changes for the better at the department.

“We’ve expanded out with triple the size of our district and added two new fire stations and a lot of new firefighters, added two new pumpers and some more equipment,” said Foxworth.

Foxworth said since its expansion, the department can assists hundreds of families in case of an emergency in their district.

“We’re now up to like 66 square miles of what we cover, and each station was built within five miles of each other to cover each house within a five-mile range of it,” Foxworth said.

The volunteer fire department was rated as a Class 9 fire department for the last 25 to 30 years, but in recent months it’s improved that rating to a Class 8 districtwide.

Foxworth said the department’s improvements have saved residents hundreds of dollars in insurance.

“Some have reported a savings as high as $1,900, and probably an average of $1000 I would say per house,” added Foxworth.

He attributes the recent success to several folks both within and outside of the department. Foxworth said they couldn’t have accomplished the goals they set without the extra help.

“The community getting out here and working and having good volunteer firefighters to get out here and work on it, do the paperwork, and the State Rating Bureau was a great big help as well as the local county supervisors,” Foxworth said.

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