Mom speaks out after son prevented from playing in championship game

Bay Springs bulldogs won their second state championship game.

Mom speaks out after son prevented from playing in championship game

BAY SPRINGS, MS (WDAM) - A parent is speaking out after a star basketball player, her son, for Bay Springs High School failed a random drug test just days before the 2A state championship game.

“You’re not going to sit here and tell me that my child passed three prior drug tests, three drug screenings and then on Monday, he failed one,” said Lashonda McGruder.

Student-athletes in West Jasper School District are tested in the fall and spring, which is stated in the district’s athletic handbook and signed by parents and/or legal guardians.

“As far as the policy, it is board approved,” West Jasper School District superintendent Warren Woodrow said. “It is something our parents are aware of at the beginning of every sports season.”

Additionally, 15 students from Bay Springs High School and Stringer High School are randomly selected in the fall and spring to be tested again.

“We use the same process and safeguards to ensure that we get correct results, because first and foremost, we want the student-athletes welfare to be ensured and we want to be sure that we’re treating everyone fairly and the results are correct.”

According to Woodrow, the district does not select which students are randomly tested. And for athletes who violate the policy, they are required to take four hours of counseling and re-test two weeks later in order to be eligible to play again.

“In our district, our testing provider, uses I believe a computer software program to select those names,” he said. “We have absolutely no input into whose selected.”

Even though Woodrow stands firm on the accuracy of the test, McGruder says her son doesn’t do drugs and even paid to get him re-tested to prove it. WDAM-TV obtained a copy of both tests where the first test showed positive results for marijuana while the second test was negative for any drugs.

“I was called on yesterday telling me how he broke down and how he cried (about) how this is unfair,” said McGruder in tears.

She says the junior basketball player helped lead the team to two state titles and the championship game was an important moment in his high school career.

“It’s really affecting him,” she said. “He’s really trying to keep his head up. He’s trying to be supportive of his teammates (especially) to see his teammates load up on that bus and for the bus to drive away (and) to see his teammates go out on that court and play for the championship that he should’ve been playing in.”

Despite not having two starting players, the bulldogs won the 2A state championship game against Ingomar High School 56 - 51 on Friday in Jackson.

“I’m extremely proud to say how proud I am of our basketball team,” Woodrow said. “I think this is our third trip in recent years. We won it a couple of years ago. We got an outstanding group of kids, they play hard, they play right and I’m very proud of them and Coach Mackey... I’m proud of all of our coaches..."

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