Lamar Co. School District aims to increase attendance

Lamar Co. School District aims to increase attendance

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) -The Lamar County School district saw a decrease in the number of students going to school during the month of February.

"Dealing with flu and stomach flu, it was just like everything hit us all at once,” said Lamar County superintendent, Tess Smith.

Smith said it’s not uncommon for attendance to decrease during the first couple months of the new year.

“Typically, in January and February, there’s going to be some time there where you’re going to get hit,” explained Smith. “It’s just the time with all the weather and everything going on, kids are just going to get sick. When you’re in a classroom together, it’s going to kind of run through the classroom. It has to run its course.”

She said the administration at every school does what it can to encourage students to come to class.

“Our principals and our staff, everybody, works very well together to try and encourage students to attend,” said Smith. "We don’t want them to attend when they’re sick, but if they are well and able to come to school, we want them every day possible.”

Smith said there has already been an increase in attendance for the month of March.

“We had an overall of just over 93 percent during February," mentioned Smith. "So, I hope we can rebound to at least 94-95 percent for March.”

Each month at the school board meetings, the board recognizes the schools in the district with the highest attendance.

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