Conway’s Family Pub in Lamar Co. set to reopen

Conway’s Family Pub in Lamar Co. set to reopen

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Conway’s Family Pub shut down at the beginning of January for renovations and to wait on Alcohol and Beverage Control to grant the business an alcohol license.

“In the beginning, we were told we would be able to come into the city limits and the Lamar County board of supervisors objected to it,” said Darian Pierce, property developer. “Now, we’re shut down to do some remodel work and we have been granted a ruling from the ABC. With that we will be able to how our license when we complete with the remolding."

Pierce said that with people in Lamar County petitioning to become a wet county, he doesn’t think it will affect the business.

“Whether or not Lamar County is wet, that petition will not have any effect on us, explained Pierce. “We were asked to be a part of that, but we try to stay out of politics. We’re a pub.”

The pub is planning to reopen in the upcoming weeks.

“The construction time should be about five weeks,” said Pierce. “So, we should be opening close, as soon as we finish construction.”

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