Possible solar energy agreement in works for Forrest County School District

Possible solar energy agreement in works for Forrest County School District

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - One of the schools within the Forrest County School District could be going green.

“We found out about a potential grant situation dealing with the solar energy," said Forrest County School District Superintendent Brian Freeman. "We have explored the options there and found out we could possibly qualify for one of our schools to get up to possibly $250,000 to supply solar energy to one of our schools.”

The signature for the grant agreement was approved Monday night during the Forrest County School District Board of Directors meeting.

“It may or may not fund the entire school, but it’s certainly an offset that we would enjoy as a school district and not be out any funds whatsoever," Freeman said. "So it was a win-win situation for us. This is tied to some settlement with Mississippi Power and the Sierra Club dealing with the plant up in Kemper County.”

Freeman said this project is in the preliminary stages right now. The next step is for the signed documents to be sent off. If plans go as hoped, initial funding will be sent to the school district to start an engineering study where the specifics and plans will unfold.

"We would love to see something start progressing during the summer," said Freeman.

Freeman said if the project is funded, it will help students in the coming years.

“You know, we’ve got the new solar plant down off of Bonhomie Road that is in our district," Freeman said. “So, it kind of worked out like that. Our goal is if we get the grant secured and can do that, to use that as a teaching tool for a lot of our science classes and elementary.”

The engineer study will outline exact costs and future plans. There is no word on what school could be transitioned.

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