Lumberton mayor seeks to get beer, light wine sales in Lamar County

Lumberton mayor seeks to get beer, light wine sales in Lamar County

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The mayor of Lumberton is working toward making Lamar County a wet county.

"The question that always comes up in conversations is why is Lamar County not wet? Other counties are moving toward this and we’re the only ones not wet,” said Lumberton Mayor Quincy Rogers.

Rogers has been working to make Lamar County wet since around 2016. He started a petition in efforts of getting people on board with the idea.

"Will everyone embrace it? No. We’re just hoping that maybe we can get this inclination, maybe move Lamar County into the 21st Century,” said Rogers.

Rogers believes if businesses in the small cities and rural parts of the county would be allowed to sell beer and light wine, it would bring more business into those places creating tax bases.

“Even before becoming mayor, I saw a potential that Lamar County could potentially benefit. Our Schools, our roads and different things and create a tax base for even our smaller cities," said Rogers.

Other city officials agree with the mayor.

"We basically have a non-existent tax base because of all the businesses that have left, and no new businesses have come into the city so it will defiantly help our tax base,” said Ward 3 Lumberton Alderman Jonathan Griffith.

For the petition to be taken to the board of supervisors, it needs 20 percent of the population’s signature.

If you would like to sign the petition, you can visit to print off a signup sheet.

The last count on the petition was around 1,200 to 1,500 signatures.

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