Lamar County faces lawsuit from multi-family rental company

Lamar County faces lawsuit from multi-family rental company

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Lamar County and its board of supervisors are battling a lawsuit filed by Heritage Hunter Knoll, LLC.

Heritage Hunter Knoll is a company that owns several, mainly minority, multi-family residential properties in Lamar County.

According to the lawsuit, the company is suing the county and board of supervisors because the board amended the Unauthorized Dumping and Litter Ordinance in July of 2018 stating the collection and disposal of solid waste will no longer be provided by the county to those multi-family properties. It also requires residences to private contract waste collection and disposal.

The ordinance passed with a 3-2 vote.

The lawsuit states that one member of the board of supervisors stated the purpose for the amendments was to address, quote, “Mexicans that don’t work or pay any taxes.”

The ordinance was implemented in January of this year. According to the lawsuit, racial minorities in the county have now been “disproportionately deprived” of solid waste collection and disposal when compared to non-minorities.

WDAM reached out to both sides of this lawsuit. Attorney Perry Phillips, who represents Lamar County, gave a statement saying quote:

“We disagree with the allegation in the complaint and we have legal consul retained to defend the further comment because it is pending litigation.”

The attorney representing Heritage Hunter Knoll, LLC has yet to reply to us.

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