Bulldog Expressions gives students a voice

Yearly publication at Perry Central High School lets students express themselves.

Bulldog Expressions gives students a voice

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - At Perry Central High School some students play sports, others play an instrument but to some students writing or art is their passion. The Bulldog Expressions is a publication Perry Central High School publishes every year. Hot off the press, students, family and faculty are able to hear the thoughts of students at their fingertips.

Glenda Hartfield, English teacher at Perry Central High School, helps piece together a special school publication every year.

The publication is filled with sub-literature, poetry and short stories written by students.

“For some of them it may be the only time they ever see their own writing in print,” said Glenda.

Hartfield said all students have the opportunity to contribute to the publication at any time throughout the year.

“We work with the art department, we have an awesome art department, and we get artwork to go with that," Hartfield said. “I always choose a senior artwork to go with the cover.”

Donavan Bradley is a sophomore at Perry Central High and said that he recently had written a piece of work.

“I wrote a haiku I think two weeks ago and it was like funny passages we had to write,” said Bradley.

Dr. Jasmine Smith, director of curriculum and federal programs, said that Bulldog Expressions allow students to express themselves in their own unique way.

“Just to be able to provide that opportunity for them to express themselves through In Bulldog Expressions,” said Smith.

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