Marion County Sheriff’s Office investigating death

Marion County Sheriff’s Office investigating death

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Marion County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a death after a body was discovered in a burned car Friday morning on private property in the Kokomo community.

WDAM spoke with Capt. Pete Williams, an investigator with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

“Deputies and fire fighters responded to property across from 88 Knoxo Road in the Kokomo community here in Marion County where a car was found burning,” said Williams.

When they arrived, a body was found inside of that car.

“The body was sent off to the state medical examiner’s office to try to determine the cause of death and possible identity of the person,” said Williams.

WDAM spoke with a woman who lives close to the property where the body was found and who wanted to remain anonymous. She said hearing the news came as a shock.

“I heard about the fire and the person in the car died, and that’s the first time something as terrible as that has happened here," she said.

We spoke with other neighbors who live on Knoxo Road near the scene and many said they believe without a doubt that this was a homicide.

Sheriff’s deputies said they can’t confirm that at this time because a majority of the evidence was burned, but they are getting help with their investigation

“The way the scene was, it’s very difficult onsite to determine if any foul play was involved. That’s why we requested some assistance from outside agencies and the resources to come to that conclusion," said Williams.

The sheriff’s department called in the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and State Fire Marshal’s office to come process the scene.

But, neighbors in the area that is normally peaceful and quiet are still struggling to process it all.

“It’s just not supposed to happen in a small town like this," the anonymous neighbor said. “You know you come from a large city and you hear about all of these awful things happening and it’s not that you expect it but it’s not as surprising. But when it happens in a small little area like this, its surprising."

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