Hattiesburg recycling program continues to grow

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The city of Hattiesburg created its curbside recycling program back in 2015 and relaunched in October 2017 with a goal of gaining 25 signups a month.

"We found some issues with processes we had internally,” said Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker.

Since the relaunch, it has gained more than 400 customers and has averaged around 29 signups a month.

“I think recycling is a sustainability. Taking care of the Earth is a community value,” Barker said. “In a town like Hattiesburg, it is very forward thinking. It doesn’t surprise me at all that people bought into this. Once we got some of the process issues corrected, people really have stepped up and wanted to be a part of what we’re doing here.”

The city has been working toward providing a recycling service that is easy to use and benefits participants.

"Our program is single string, meaning everything goes in one bin. We collect all of it and take it to the recycler. It makes the process a little bit easier for residents.,” said sustainability officer Nkrumah Frazier.

Several community schools and organizations also worked with the city by presenting events promoting recycling.

“With recycling, we are diverting waste from landfills, which means we require less landfill space,” Frazier said. “We also save a little bit of money by recycling."

"We encourage Hattiesburgers who want to do right by their community, do right by the Earth, to go to hattiesburgms.com/recycle and signup today,” Barker said.

If you sign up for the curbside recycling program, and extra $3 will be added to your monthly water bill.

The city will be partnering with Keep America Beautiful and Keep Mississippi beautiful for the Great American Clean Up on March 23.

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