Officials express concerns about Lamar Co. spillway

Officials express concerns about Lamar Co. spillway

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) -Earlier this month, the Lamar County board of supervisors voted to put spillway gates up throughout the county to protect drivers during flooding events.

"The county constructed the gates after doing quite a bit of feasible studies about what would work, what would be safest and what would be aesthetically pleasing as well,” said County Administrator Jody Waits.

Several gates have been put up at various locations in the county, but most are at Lake Serene and Canebrake Lake due to them being the main problem areas. The gates have locks on them and they have a single bar along the top to prevent drivers from passing.

"These spillways scare me to death,” expressed Tommy Jones, Lamar Co. road manager.

Now, that the gates have been installed, some county officials feel the gates will still be a hazard to drivers.

“There was a concern expressed over the horizontal bar in the gate, facing traffic," said Waits. “It’s locked to a vertical post and the question was asked that if a car hit that post and it broke, would that vertical bar intrude the vehicle?”

Several solutions where offered up at last week’s board of supervisors meeting.

The board decided to continue the conversation about the gates at the next board of supervisors meeting on March 4th at 9:00 a.m.

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