Perry County preps for future flash floods

Perry County preps for possible future flash floods

PERRY COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Flood damage in Perry County from weeks ago has some people still in a tight situation.

“A horror movie is about all I can tell you a horror movie but people just don’t imagine how fast stuff can really happen,” said resident Colton Mcleod.

Just after Christmas, heavy rain flooded and destroyed his childhood home in Perry County, and many others are still recovering.

“A little over ankle high in our yard and we went up the hill and it wasn’t couple hours and it starts getting pretty bad,” Mcleod said of the flood waters.

Perry County Emergency Management said that a plan is in place ahead if a big storm does hit soon.

“We’re just trying to bring everyone into compliance with our flood ordinance, make sure everybody that’s close to the water is high enough to keep the water from coming inside, hopefully, and just prepare for the worst hope for the best,” said Perry County Emergency Management Director Colby Prine.

Perry County EMA said that because of the flooding, many roads and bridges remain damaged.

“A lot of homes got water into them and they’re still recovering from that,” said Prine.

Mcleod said his family also has a plan in place for the next threat of flooding.

“We’re moving to some more land we have, we’re gonna try to get on higher ground, build a house so we won’t have to worry about any kind of flooding anymore,” Mcleod said.

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