Perry Co. officials urge truck drivers to obey weight limit on bridge

Until the Tallahala Creek bridge can be rebuilt, vehicles exceeding the weight limit should find alternate routes.

Perry Co. officials urge truck drivers to obey weight limit on bridge

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Mississippi Department of Transportation announced $250 million would go toward fixing roads and bridges statewide, and Perry County is on that list to be given funds to help repair structures.

Perry County was awarded $3 million to fix the Tallahala Creek bridge. In the meantime, Perry County officials are making sure that vehicles are safe while driving across the bridge.

“The bridge is slated for repair. We’re beginning the design process, we anticipate having the bridge replaced over the next three years,” said Perry County engineer Jason Lamb.

Lamb said that there are specifics when it comes to the type of vehicles that could possibly damage the bridge. He said that commercial vehicles, trucks and logging trucks should check the signs near the bridge before crossing.

“Those commercial vehicles that exceed the values on the load posting signs at the bridge do need to seek alternate routes,” said Lamb.

The Perry County Sheriff’s Department said that they will do their very best to patrol the area and prevent the structure from being damaged by overweight vehicles.

“If we’re force, we will have to enforce the laws on you,” said Sheriff Mitch Nobles. “With these heavier trucks going across it it could possibly be a dangerous situation.”

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