Alleged victim speaks out after claims of police brutality

Alleged victim speaks out after claims of police brutality

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Jessie Domenique Jefferson said he vividly remembers the day an officer with the Columbia Police Department abused him and threatened him with his life while he was in police custody.

“He slid a box out from under his desk. He pulled out a revolver gun,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson’s account of the alleged abuse mirrors the content of a letter written by a CPD officer to the police chief.

“He grabbed his chair, he brought his chair over there sat it on the tip of my feet and sat on the top of it like this right here and was bouncing up and down on it then he put the gun to my head,” said Jefferson.

We showed Jefferson a picture of the gun the officer allegedly used to threaten him, and Jefferson said he immediately recognized it.

“Yea that’s that gun. I don’t even need to look at it no more bro. That’s on my soul that’s that gun,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson said the threat had him fearing for his life.

“'What makes you think I won’t kill you and say you reached for my gun?' That’s when my heart dropped. I was like this dude is fixing to kill me,” said Jefferson.

WDAM also obtained a letter from a second officer alleging Jefferson was abused in police custody.

In that statement, the officer said Jefferson was in a different condition after being in police custody than he was before.

Jefferson’s allegations support that document.

“The police that was waiting on me to escort me to the jailhouse, he saw me trying to get up and when I tried to get up I couldn’t, I fell back down in the chair,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson said he wants justice for what happened not for just himself but for anyone else this may have happened to.

Columbia Police Chief Michael Kelly said since the allegations have surfaced, he’s gotten other officials involved.

“We asked the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation to send some investigators down to look at everything that we had in our case file. We’ve spoken again to our local district attorney investigators,” Kelly said.

Kelly said he is reopening an internal investigation and has requested additional agencies’ assistance in their investigation to hold the department accountable.

“We take it very seriously," Kelly said. “We want the truth and we’re not going to stop until we know exactly what happened, until we know the truth.”

Kelly added that if the allegations are true, the officer or officers involved will be severely punished.

“Myself, this mayor, this board, we will not tolerate actions by police officers that was described to us by this alleged victim. It will not be tolerated,” Kelly said.

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