Hattiesburg water and sewer project causing concerns for residents

Hattiesburg water and sewer project causing concerns for residents

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Many have been sharing concerns over the work going on in the Longleaf Heights neighborhood in Hattiesburg.

"It’s not water problems. We are aware of it. It’s just part of a normal construction practice,” said director of engineering for the City of Hattiesburg, Lamar Rutland.

The area is part of a $2.9 million water and sewer project.

"The contractor is currently installing new water lines to the houses in that area. They are replacing the existing infrastructure and upgrading it with larger infrastructure, providing our residents with better service,” Rutland said.

This is the second phase of the two-part project, which is expected to be finished in the next 12 months.

“Once we’ve completed, the roads will be repaved, the resident’s yards will be sodded back,” said Rutland. “Everything should look back like it did before construction started.”

The almost $3 million project was announced back in August.

Below you can find a full list of streets affected by the project:

Ward 4 Longleaf Heights Water Replacement

  • North 24th Ave (200 block) 
  • North 23rd Ave (200 block) 
  • North 22nd Ave (200 block) 
  • North 21st Ave (200 block) 
  • North 20th Ave (100-400 blocks) 
  • Quinn Street (2000 and 2400 block) 

Ward 4 Longleaf Heights Sewer Replacement

  • North 25th Ave (100-200 blocks) 
  • North 24th Ave (100-200 blocks) 
  • North 23rd Ave (partial 200 block and west alley) 
  • North 22nd Ave (east alley on 200 block) 
  • North 21st Ave (100-200 blocks) 
  • North 20th Ave (100-400 blocks) 
  • Quinn Street (2300 block) 
  • Pearl Street (2400 block and partial 2000 block) 
  • Kimball Ave (partial west alley on 100 block) 
  • Hardy St (partial north alley on 2000 block) 

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