Hattiesburg Zoo bids farewell to beloved tiger

Hattiesburg Zoo bids farewell to beloved tiger

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Zoo bids farewell and safe travels to their 7-year-old Sumatran tiger, Kuasa.

Kuasa was chosen to be part of a breeding program in Dallas to help preserve his species, which is endangered.

Zoo staff gathered early Wednesday morning as they prepared Kuasa for his new journey.

“I was his primary trainer and I got to work with him years and years,” said Kuasa’s primary trainer Corissa Harvey. “I taught him tons of cool stuff. I got to watch him grow and age. Now, I got to watch him go away and hopefully make some babies.”

Last week the zoo prepared a special last meal send-off – serving Kuasa a steak dinner fit for a King. The farewell party was celebrated with staff and guests who sang their goodbyes.

“Kuasa was an amazing cat and we were so lucky to have him here as long as we did,” says Harvey.

Kuasa’s exhibit won’t be empty for long. The zoo will soon welcome a new tiger, Kipling.

“Kipling is an older man,” says Harvey. “So, Kipling is older than Kuasa. He’s got some of the grumpy as he gets older things. He doesn’t like to shift when he’s told to right now. He’s very vocal and we’re looking forward to getting to know him.”

Kipling is expected to make his debut public debut later this month.

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