Family watches from Hattiesburg as Stacey Abrams makes history

Family watches from Hattiesburg as Stacey Abrams makes history

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Stacey Abrams made history Tuesday night as the first black woman to deliver the response to the President’s State of the Union address.

Her parents, Robert and Carolyn, were at a watch party in Hattiesburg beaming with pride as she delivered her response.

We spoke with them about their anticipation of her big moment front and center on the national stage.

“I woke up this morning just being thankful that they believe that they could achieve and that the sky is the limit for them,” said Stacey’s mother, Carolyn Abrams.

Carolyn is talking about Stacey and her siblings' confidence in their ability to bring change to the world. And they were instilled with specific principles that made it a true possibility.

“They all grew up understanding the importance of faith, family and education,” Carolyn said.

Stacey’s desire to serve helped her establish the platform that she stands on today.

“They owed, no matter how much or how little they had, and usually it was little, they understood that they had an obligation to help someone else and Stacey along with the rest of them took that to heart,” Carolyn said.

It’s been a journey to have her voice heard and Abrams' parents say it started long before she reached the national stage.

“Stacey was on the debate team, then she went on to college and then she became involved in what I call campus politics,” Carolyn said.

Watching as their daughter made history, they say they are proud of her for making her voice heard not just for herself, but for others.

“It’s always been about what’s good for others. How can I make life better for others,” Carolyn said.

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